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Five key ingredients of Hygge

Five key ingredients of Hygge

So how does Denmark get to sit so contentedly on top of the World Happiness Index? 

One explanation discussed recently on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch is the concept of Hygge.

In simple terms, Hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. The warm glow of candlelight is Hygge.

As a long term advocate of Hygge, Wellbeing and fragrance designer, Gloria Kennedy references it as a major influence. This is prevalent in her new luxury edition candle box sets where the warm glow of candle light inside each glass illuminates her signature yellow bird. Gloria explained ‘the idea is to convey a warmth, cosieness and humanity which is central to Hygge. The glass is pure white but when lit, the soul of the candle comes to life through the warmth of the yellow bird’.

Gloria added ‘the Danes talk about how Hygge illuminates and fires the soul. It is essentially social happiness in a warm welcoming, homely place - a crackling fireside, flickering candlelight and cosy furnishings all help to create that togetherness and contentment’.

gloria kennedy london illuminated bird design

Five key ingredients of Hygge:

1. Good company. Where one person does not dominate the conversation. Everybody’s voice is heard.

2. Good Food. Shared platters, nibbles or push the boat out and go for the full 3 courses

3. Candles. A good quality candle to create that cosy and welcoming atmosphere

4. Drink. Wine or mulled wine, a simple beer or non alcoholic juice

5. Comfort. Throws, cushions, personal touches. A glowing fireside helps