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How life can begin (again) at 50

How life can begin (again) at 50

Welsh born Gloria spent her formative years in Swansea, South Wales. Gloria teamed up with husband, Malcolm in 1986.

They upped sticks and went off to Spain where Malcolm had secured work. Their Iberian adventure fostered their love of travel and collecting. Their subsequent odysseys have included Granada, the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico and the Bahamian Islands, not to mention North Africa and most of the countries around the Mediterranean Sea.

Then, on their return to England, mid life, as empty nesters with only a modest amount of savings, Gloria, with the support of her husband, resolved to follow her own dream.

Inspired by their many collectibles and of course happy memories, Gloria embarked on a career designing fragrances and an acclaimed range of signature soaps, extolling the benefits of Olive Oil, an ingredient used by the people of the Mediterranean for thousands of years for its internal and external benefits.

Out of Africa came the inclusion of nature’s miracle worker, Raw Organic Shea butter, prized for its diverse healing properties, helping to reduce the appearance and sooth operational scars, stretch marks, minor burns and wrinkles.

Armed with years of knowledge and workshop experimentation Gloria made affordable, organic skincare a reality with her Born to be Natural brand. She followed that with two self titled collections 'Gloria Kennedy Edition 1 & 2' of luxury, votive candle sets inspired by Morocco and the Bahamas.

For years Gloria fulfilled private commissions for ‘in the know’ celebrities and business people. She was quick to notice this ‘under the radar niche’ with the normalisation of cosmetic surgery stoked by the 24/7 media spotlight. Savvy clients realised the need to use organic, personalised skincare products on their well invested and maintained bodies.

Gloria’s portfolio has evolved from her desire to bring to a wider audience, products that are not just beautifully packaged, but raise the bar in terms quality and natural content. For instance, her candles are specially mixed to maintain their fragrance throughout the entire burn time, avoiding the common corner cutting that leads to hours of odourless burning wax.

When her product range was in its infancy Gloria resolved to adhere to her own environmental code, using natural ingredients to promote wellbeing. Unfriendly industry favourites like Palm Oil are avoided. In order to form lather and bubbles and maintain longevity in her soaps she uses Coconut Oil and the extra creaminess of Castor Oil. As Gloria will attest, all the oil building blocks of her soap are designed to drive moisture in to the skin, not strip natural oils out.

Perfumes have been created utilising as many natural based elements as possible including the use of 100% pure, Aromatherapy grade essential oils. The influences are from both Ancient and Modern worlds - the chic style of contemporary Italia coupled with imagined scents of Rome at the height of its ancient glory, the eastern cultures of Turkey and Ephesus in antiquity.

Gloria’s travels have been instrumental in the creation of her Fragrances, prompting her first two aforementioned candle editions to reflect the theme of escapism through the evocation of her own happy recollections, from the exotic flowers she encountered within the Alhambra Palace, coupled with the imagined scents worn by the ladies of the court. Then, onto the warm and evocative aroma of a moonlit Caribbean coastline, touched by natural foliage, a vast and magnificent night sky, leaning over a deserted beach.

Gloria now wants to reach beyond her celebrity clientele and create natural products for a wider audience, using the right kind of oils and ingredients that ensure skin suppleness, smoothness and elasticity, not dryness and cracking. Her collections are now online. Enjoy.