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The Gloria Kennedy Way

The Gloria Kennedy Way

Gloria Kennedy, creator of the Born to be Natural brand which specialises in the design and production of specialist soaps, candles, moisturising bars, reed diffusers, flannels and room mists, has launched her signature candle collection.

In her coveted candle editions, she only uses the finest French perfumes and carefully blend this by hand, into natural soy wax. This ensures the perfume remains present throughout the entire burn time, something factory candle production struggles to achieve.

Gloria avoids the all too common use of industrial fragrances and palm and paraffin oil as cheap and unhealthy substitutes for natural ingredients.

Her moisturising bars are now used by psoriasis and eczema sufferers and our soap is designed to put moisture back into the skin, leaving it soft and smooth as opposed to stripping it dry, like high street brands.

Her emphasis is firmly on natural ingredients and the principle of Aromatherapy Wellbeing, with the use of essential oils as opposed to chemically synthesised fragrances.

Her focus centres on producing high quality, desirable Wellbeing and skincare products. Her goods are sold at premium prices but this is because she refuses to neither cut corners on production methods or compromise on ingredients.

Everything she sells is produced by Gloria and her team from her studio, nestled on the beautiful Ceredigion coastline of West Wales.