Gloria Kennedy Gift Set Soaps

Gloria Kennedy has selected four of her unique soap creations for her first natural soap gift set. Over the last 20 years Gloria's trademark soaps have been commission by celebrities and the business community. Gloria possesses a definitive back catalogue of more than 150 different soaps.

Gift Set 1 is four English inspired flavours with a Mediterranean twist.

Rose, Rosehip and Goat Milk
Lavender and Clary Sage 
Sicilian Limoncello
Apricot, Honey and Goat Milk

Our soap is made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil along with a minimum 5% Raw organic Shea butter and does not contain any Palm Oil or chemicals such us Sodium Laureth Sulphate or any Parabens.

The formula is extremely sumptuous and moisturising, perfected over many years this ensures the soap will drive moisture into your skin not strip it out. When combined with 100% pure Aromatherapy grade essential oils, soaps are more akin to skincare, only this shield protects at the point of attack on your skin. We believe that there is no point in using an expensive skincare regime if you compromise it with the use of harsh soaps.

Our soap uses Extra Virgin Olive Oil, naturally rich in squalene to moisturise, Natural Coconut Oil to moisturise and create fluffy bubbles and Castor Oil to moisturise and create creaminess

The Organic Shea Butter is natures wonder moisturiser and may make other moisturisers redundant if used correctly and regularly.


Note: Includes FREE Gift Wrapping