About us

Born to be Natural has produced Wellbeing and Home products for private customers for decades from luxury soy wax candles, organic soaps, room sprays to diffusers. Over the years we have built up an extensive catalogue of natural soaps employing our trademark base of organic, raw Shea Butter. Approached by customers to widen our appeal, our founder, fragrance designer, Gloria Kennedy produced her signature candle collection in summer 2016, inspired by visits to the Bahamas and Morocco.

Based in West Wales, we are ideally placed to seek inspiration from the timelessness and rugged beauty of the Welsh coastline.

Born to be Natural's products are infused with oodles of character, charm and storytelling. Each one really is a labour of love. We strive to use the finest ingredients and endeavour to seek the most environmentally friendly solutions.

Our growing appeal is based on a brand assurance of creative, high quality, ethical beauty. Born to be Natural lives that principle from natural ingredients, finest fragrances to biodegradable packaging and the avoidance of plastics in all stages of production. Our mantra is 'ethical beauty'.

Gloria and her dedicated team have an unique approach to their work. Their inspiration can come from such disparate sources as incense filled souks, Asian street food or the rhythms of Africa's teeming markets, but it could also come from closer to 'home' - the pages of a latest read, a stroll along beautiful Cardigan Bay, with choreographed displays from the crowd pleasing dolphins who visit our shores every summer.

Our best selling, Born to be Natural range has a diverse following from medical practitioners, trend setting interior designers, media celebrities to the curious and lovers of 'unique'.


For further info: gk@gloriakennedylondon.com